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1 MD Tower, 12th Floor, Room BC1,
Soi Bangna-Trad 25, Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna
Bangna, BANGKOK 10260 Thailand

Tel: + 66 2 173 59 71

Email: [email protected]

Main industry/activities:

Biomass, Clean Energy Technology, Industrial Energy Solutions

Company Profile:

Vyncke is a 102 year old company with manufacturing facilities and offices in Flanders, Czech Republic and China and local offices in Germany, Brazil, Thailand and Malaysia. With over 300 employees, Vyncke provides complete solutions for converting biomass waste to energy in the form of steam, thermal oil, hot gas or electricity.

Products and services:


VYNCKE is the specialist in biomass-to-energy cogeneration plants for the production process of industrial customers. We offer complete turnkey projects – engineering, procurement and construction, all under one roof. Each cogeneration plant we build is a custom made solution. The exhaust heat after the turbine or engine can be recuperated by different media: thermal oil, steam, hot gases, hot water or any combination of the above. The generated electricity can be used for own consumption or can be sold to third parties. We supply solutions up to 20 MWe.


VYNCKE turns biomass waste and other solid fuels into green energy. This way we can eliminate your waste problem but also provide you with valuable energy for your production process. We design and build green and clean energy plants and are specialists in complex solutions: difficult and varying fuels, strict emissions, high availability and a low total cost of ownership. We have a deep knowledge in handling different types of fuel ranging from wood waste, rice husk, sunflower hulls, palm empty fruit bunches, RDF and more. On the other hand we have also built a strong know-how in multi-fuel plants, using a range of fuels in one energy system.


VYNCKE designs and builds biomass combustion systems with energy recuperation. With 102 years of continually developing the state-of-the art technology, we can provide our customers with the right solution for their specific problem. Since one cannot predict which fuels one will burn five years down the road, fuel flexibility is the essence of our combustion systems. This flexibility can be achieved thanks to our advanced and patented Dynamic Watercooled Stepgrate technology, the best available technology for grate firing.


VYNCKE is a specialist in biomass energy solutions for the production processes of industrial customers. We’re unique in our sector by providing combustion technology, boiler construction and control & regulation technology all under one roof. We supplement this with excellent complementary technology in order to provide a total solution.


VYNCKE is a specialist in biomass energy solutions for the production processes of industrial customers or renewable energy investors. We provide preliminary studies, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and service all from one source. This way we guarantee a quality product with more certainty for the customer.