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Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd.

22 Soi Sukhapibal 2 Soi 31

Dokmai, Pravet

Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2727 0234


Precious Metals supply and refining services


Company Profile:

Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd was established in November 1993 and was known as Degussa Thailand Ltd. It was transformed in August 2003 to Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd. The company relies on more than 150 years of precious metals experience.
Products & Services

Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd is supplying semi-finished precious metals products and precious metals alloys in various forms to the jewelry industry as well as providing precious metals refining services for jewelry and industrial scraps and sweeps. For electroplating application, Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd offers a variety of products ranging from gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium plating to different non-precious metals plating products.