Solvay Solidarity Fund: Contributing resources to support Solvay's communities in the fight against CoVid-19, including in Thailand

Since last year the world is facing an unprecedented health and social emergency with communities severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across our various businesses around the globe, Solvay has been able to provide critical supplies of products and contributions for protective equipment such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hand sanitizer, face shields and many others, to those in distress. In Thailand we donated a large volume of H2O2 to the Authorities last year to support the disinfection of vast public locations. 

But to enhance help to our communities and employees to withstand the difficulties thrown at them by the crisis, Solvay established a fund financed through our shareholders contributions of the Group's 2019 Dividend as well as from our top management. This Solvay Solidarity Fund is hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation under the guidance of a management committee. So far it has helped thousands of people in various countries, through many actions especially tuned to local urgent matters. More details can be found in:

In Thailand, following the latest surge of new cases in the provinces, the capacity of hospital beds has been strained to the limit. To help on this, the Fund quickly donated 2 million baht worth of material to the public hospital in Rayong, where most of our factories are located: 200 folding beds and 4 respirators, which have been put into good use in a matter of days."