R.R. Asia Co., Ltd.
Job Offering

Assistant to the Chief Executive for Investment

RRAsiais a company registered in Bangkok, but the main activities are carried out in Chantaburi province, 

The company with a Malaysian associate advises a major Luxembourg fund group on worldwide investment by one of their funds, an arrangement successfully executed over the last eleven years with excellent results.  The local staff of half a dozen has years of experience, some going back up to twenty years, while one manager operates from Bangkok.  The operation is profitable at our size, with great expansion potential.  Fund accounting, regulation and dealing are executed by the Luxembourg associates.

The position now open is for an assistant to the chief executive for investment, which will involve learning about world markets, and the elite companies we have shares in, and new ones to select.  Contacts are with Luxembourg and also with correspondents in Australia, England, Malaysia, Switzerland, the US and other countries, and equities are held in some 30 national markets.  This makes the position rather unique in Thailand, and even rare in an Asian context.

The position would suit a luk kreung, ie. a double national, example Thai-Belgian, as no work permit required and at the same time travel overseas is easy.  While the office is conducted in Thai and all writing in English, we also use information in Dutch, French, German, sometimes Spanish, to give access to companies before they are analysed in English.  The position has the potential to succeed the CEO, who is a Thai national with Swiss and Australian roots, in a few years.

This would be a career choice, suitable for someone now in Bangkok, who would prefer to work in a provincial setting, near a medium sized city.  Obviously costs of housing and traffic times are much less than in the capital, which can be visited on some occasions, with later potential for overseas travel.  Positively seen are a good academic record and some professional success, for future responsibility. 

Please send your CV to Mr Pierre Fabry: [email protected]