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Phuket-based Businesses Have Adapted to the ‘New Normal’ and Are Redefining Consumerism

Phuket-based Blue Horizon Developments has introduced the concept of remote property investments to its customers, reinforcing its status as one of the leading property developers in the region.

Having come to terms with the fact that waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass is not the best financial decision, many businesses have adapted to the ‘new normal’ and come up with creative solutions to not just stay afloat, but to thrive and come out on top once the pandemic blows over.

From further digitalizing the way they operate in reaction to the social distancing measures to creatively addressing customer needs, businesses are redefining consumerism by proving that neither distance nor borders are deterrents in our highly globalized world, and the Phuket-based property developer Blue Horizon Developments is no exception.

Since the first quarter of 2020, Blue Horizon Developments experienced fewer property sales as its customers, both old and new, could not travel to the highly-frequented island to complete property transactions because of the pandemic. However, CEO & Founder Andres Pira had an inspired idea to introduce the concept of remote property investments to his customers.

“It’s important for businesses to be open to new ways of thinking, especially during times of crisis, even if they have operated in a certain way for years and decades,” says Pira, a serial entrepreneur. “If they choose not to change with the changing times, they will be left behind.”

Blue Horizon Developments has been offering its customers the option to buy their dream homes and ideal investment properties from the comfort of their couches. The company offers virtual property tours, carries out the negotiations over video meetings, and sends contracts via courier for buyers to sign and execute the deals. Buyers also have the option to provide a power of attorney to a third party of their choice to take care of the paperwork.

“Investing in a property remotely is not as simple as online shopping,” explains Pira. “It involves a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, trust. Our long-standing reputation and credibility have allowed us to successfully garner the trust of international investors and proceed with property transactions even during this pandemic. We hope to continue to lead the evolution in high-quality developments and to offer excellent client satisfaction.”

Blue Horizon Developments is currently developing more construction projects that are set to launch this year. The company is confident that its newer projects will receive the same level of international recognition as its existing ones.