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SAFECOMS Network Security Consulting Co., Ltd.

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SafeComs was founded in 2003 by Bernard Collin in partnership with Loxley. After two years, SafeComs became a BOI company, fully owned by the CEO and some selected key employees. The company developed a new client base composed of mainly foreign companies or representation offices and the first client of the new venture was Microsoft (MSN).

Today the company pursues its BOI activity in Software Development (ERP) and Security Services with Bernard Collin as the CEO and Peter Vandenhoucke in charge of the ERP division. SafeComs is Headquartered in Bangkok and has subsidiary in Yangon, Myanmar, and also serves clients in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

The Original activity of SafeComs is IT Security Systems, Internet and Networks, Security Audit and Server Monitoring.

Ten years ago, SafeComs developed Peppercan, a CRM platform for database management and accounting. After 4 years, SafeComs decided to migrate all their development on the open source Odoo ERP, a Belgian company. Today, SafeComs is a strategic partner of ODOO, and works with them to develop their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offering integrated business modules including Customer Relationship, e-Marketing, e-Commerce, Sales & Purchase Order Processing, Accounting (both Thai and International Accounting), Billing, Manufacturing, Inventory and many more.

Furthermore, SafeComs was the first company in Thailand to promote the use of Legal Software. They developed a system to certify legal software compliance and provided certificates of compliance to the Fair Business Act, needed for any company who wants to subcontract or partner with a US entity.

The focus for the future is to develop Security Training awareness and tools to test employees and to market ODOO more into Thailand - own offices in the Provinces - and the Region, including Cambodia and Vietnam.

SafeComs is long time Member of BeLuThai and Bernard Collin is Vice President (2021-2023).