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The origin of the company goes back to the mid 80ies of the previous century, when it started as a spin-off of Ghent University. 

It was acquired in the early nineties by the Indigne family and stayed a family owned business for many years, growing the business into an established international company.  

In 1996, INVE started its first company in Thailand with production and commercial activities acting as a hub for the fast growing Asian markets.  

In 2015, the company was acquired by the British company Benchmark Holding PLC, bringing the fields of genetics, nutrition and health together into one aquaculture powerhouse. 


INVE is a global player and is operating through local companies and managed through a global structure. 

INVE is the market leader in nutritional and health solution for the hatchery segment (larval rearing) and is becoming a recognized provider of specialised solutions to the farm segment (grow-out)


The daily management of the Operations in Thailand are in the hands of Wim Martens while Rudi Bijnens leads the commercial activities.  Both are Belgian Nationals, active for many years in Thailand and Members of BeLuThai. 

In Thailand the company employs some 340 staff of which 280 at the Plant in Phichit Province, 40 at the Bangkok office and 30 in INVE’s research centre in Chonburee.

The ambition of the company for the coming years is to remain the leader in the hatchery segment and expand rapidly in the farm segment by commercializing new innovative products that solve hard problems, like diseases, in Aquaculture.  

During the past year, INVE invested heavily in the fire safety of the production plant and are preparing plans to add a new building next to its current one to increase production and distribution capacities.

On the commercial side, great efforts are made to increase the sales volumes in Asia.