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BMS Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Legal and Management Recruitment.

Tagline: Business is about People. The Right People

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Jos Bosmans has been a long-term Member of BeLuThai and active in Recruitment for many years. He started his company in Thailand in 2004, specializing in recruitment of Management and Legal Profiles. The company is co-owned by Jos and his Thai business partner. 

Jos says: When we first started in 2004, we were a franchise holder of a regional recruitment and HR agency headquartered in Hong Kong, but we split up after ten years and since then we have been on our own. It’s great to have the opportunity to manage a small business yourself, and do the actual work yourself. That’s what I always liked about it after so many years in the corporate world.

Today the company counts 6 FTE’s and is in first instance a recruitment agency: they help companies in Thailand and in the region to find suitable candidates for their business. Since early 2020, we have narrowed down our attention to two job families: everything legal like lawyers, paralegals, compliance managers and cross-industry positions. These are jobs that you will find in all companies: general management, accounting, finance, HR, supply chain, and the jobs in highest demand today: marketing. COVID has put an enormous pressure on the talent available in digital marketing and e-commerce for the Thai market. Everybody wants and needs them now! And in the second instance, we also provide manpower outsourcing services for foreign companies who don’t have a legal entity in Thailand, and we will provide a home for their employees, do their payroll etc.

Jos Bosmans has been in Thailand for 16 years now… and he has had the pleasure of working with many of the members of Beluthai - and that always adds another dimension of doing a good job. Also Jos emphasizes he receives many new contacts and leads through the BeLuThai Social Media Channels. 

In the After Covid World, Jos is looking forward to making their specialist approach for legal and cross-industry positions an even bigger success. He believes that only in this way we can really add value to companies, because we know the jobs and the available candidates in these segments. That gives us the time to understand the needs of our clients in greater detail and anticipate what’s coming.