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Manuchar Thailand Ltd. Co., Ltd.

43 Thai CC Tower, 52 RM, 5th Floor,South Sathorn Rd. Yan Nawa, Sathorn,Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Tel: +66 2 210 0788-89


Main industry/activities

Distributor/Logistic Service Provider/Trader


Company Profile

Manuchar (Thailand) Ltd. belongs to the Manuchar Group, and operates since 2007 in Thailand.  Manuchar is a recognized leader in the logistics, trading and distribution of chemicals in emerging markets.  Our global network offices and warehouses allows us to maintain relationships with the chemical industry worldwide, whose products we bring to emerging markets through sustainable high-quality supply chains.  Thanks to our vast experience our customers enjoy the service and guarantees they deserve.


Products and services:

Products: Detergents and Home Care chemicals, food and feed ingredients; paints and coating; construction chemicals; mining, oil and gas chemicals, filtration and water treatment chemicals; textile and leather chemicals; glass and ceramics materials; agrochemicals; pulp and paper chemicals; personal care and cosmetics ingredients

Services: Sourcing; transport; stockholding; blending; diluting; repacking; quality control; delivery; technical and operational customer service

Assets: warehouses in emerging economies totaling of 290,000sqm with specialized equipment for handling bulk, break bulk and containerized good;