The Embassy of Luxembourg will make enthusiastic use of “our” newsletter

The effects of the pandemic, which continue to affect all of us, have shaken many certainties and we see change happening in many areas, as we have to adjust to new realities. This is true for the life of companies and businesses here in Thailand, as in Europe, and it is equally true for the work of our embassies. It comes therefore as no surprise that our Chamber of Commerce has engaged in a reflection on how to best serve the interests of its members, how to strengthen links - among old and new members but also with the local business community and partners in Europe and in the region - and how to efficiently communicate about opportunities and innovations.

The past few months have taught us how important the flow of information is and that maintaining and developing networks can be crucial. For all these reasons, I am convinced this is the right moment to launch this newsletter as a valuable link between all those who are interested in the life of our companies, in new developments, in promising partnerships or simply in news from our countries.

I am delighted that this publication will enable us to stay connected with the initiatives and activities of our Chamber and thus value the dynamism of its team and members. The Embassy of Luxembourg and its economic team, as partners of BELUTHAI, see this newsletter as an opportunity to strengthen further our outreach. We will make regular and enthusiastic use of it and inform our readers about ongoing and new developments in Luxembourg, from opportunities in the rapidly developing space sector to green and sustainable finance, connectivity, healthtech and logistics, not to forget the traditional steel and chemical industries and all the other sectors that make one of the most vibrant and dynamic economies in Europe.

All the best & warmest cheers

Jean-Paul Senninger

Ambassador of Luxembourg