KU LEUVEN appoints three liaison officers in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam  to intensify its cooperation with Southeast Asia

As part of its internationalisation drive, the KU Leuven has launched regional committees in 5 of its prioritized partner regions. The Regional Committee for Southeast Asia focusses on prospective students and alumni, academic partners as well as stakeholders in the private and public sectors in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Given the diversity of these 3 countries, the committee has engaged one Liaison Officer in each of these countries. Mrs. Kantima Thongkhao has been the Thai representative of Group T for several years and will henceforth also be the KU Leuven Liaison Officer in Thailand. For all your questions regarding study at or cooperation with the KU Leuven, she can be reached on [email protected]


Prof. Dr. Koen De Wandeler, Chair Regional Committee for Southeast Asia