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KCG Corporation Co., Ltd.

3059 – 3059/1-3 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangjak,

Prakanong Bangkok 10260 THAILAND

Tel:         +662-332-8040-9

Fax:        +662-331-6891



Fine Food, Manufacturer, Importer/Distributor


Company Profile:
“KCG Corporation” started its business in Thailand since 1958. Initially established as Kim Chua Trading Ltd., Partnership, KCG focused on importing and retailing food products such as butter, cheese, and canned goods.
In 1972, KCG established its first production facility known as United Dairy Foods Co., Ltd. (Bangna). United Dairy Foods eventually expanded its product line to a greater diversity of food and dairy products. Amongst these include margarine, jam, jelly, pasteurized milk, flour mixes, syrup, and honey. In 1985, KCG established Imperial General Foods Industry, Co., Ltd. – its second production facility. Imperial General Foods Industry produces cookies, biscuits, crackers, wafers, baked goods, sugar cubes, and other premium products under advanced technologies. All products undergo high-standard production under meticulous inspection to guarantee the best quality produce for consumers. KCG founded United Dairy Farm Co., Ltd. in 1988, the farm raises over 300 cattle and dairy cows in a 150-rai property, serving as raw materials for United Dairy Foods, which pasteurizes the milk and utilizes certain portions for yogurt production.
KCG recently established the second facility of United Dairy Foods in 2012, the facility produces butter, margarine, and cheese to boost production capacity for satisfying the growing demand and capitalizing on market opportunities of AEC 2015. The facility also encompasses the KCG Excellence Center, which is the research and development center of KCG Kim Chua Group. Residential areas for the company’s staffs are also provided within the facility. The factory is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, GMP, HACCP, HAL – Q, and HALAL standards.

On 1st of Jan 2014, KCG incorporated all its subsidiary companies to be KCG Corporation
ACCREDITED ISO 17025: 2016
Our product groups are bakery equipment, balsamic, beverage, butter & spread, butter sheet for croissants, cake, cheese, chocolate, coffee, cookies & biscuit, crackers, cream, filling & jam, filling cake, flour & premix, French fries, frozen dough, frozen foods, fruit & nut, gelatin, ham & sausage, honey & syrups, improver & yeast, jelly, margarine & shortening, meat, milk powder & milk, olive oil & salad, pasta, seafood, sugar, tomato products, topping & glace, wafers and waffle crisps.