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Katoen Natie Services (Thailand) Ltd.
20 Muangmai Maptaphut Road, Lane 6,
Huaypong, Muang, Rayong 21150, Thailand

Katoen Natie (Thailand) Ltd.
64/26 Moo 4, Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate,
Tambol Pluakdaeng, Amphur Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand

Email: [email protected]




Value added logistics and engineering solutions for a variety of end markets


Company profiles

Katoen Natie (HQ: Antwerp, Belgium) is a global material handler who offers value added logistics and engineering solutions for a variety of end markets on different types of platforms. As a capacity provider, Katoen Natie has a strong worldwide network which enables them to follow their customers and grow together in a specific or multiple region(s), resulting in strategic partnerships.

The today’s local structure implies two Katoen Natie companies in two regions in the Rayong Province: (1) Katoen Natie Services (Thailand) Ltd. (“KNS”), strongly linked with the petro- & specialty chemical industry around Map Ta Phut and (2) Katoen Natie (Thailand) Ltd. (“KNT”), linked and mainly focused on the automotive and consumer goods industry around Pluak Daeng.


By serving the chemical, automotive and consumer goods sector in Thailand since 1998, Katoen Natie has built up a profound local expertise in the handling of its customers’ products. Katoen Natie therefore operates 5 multicustomer platforms: Thai Petrochemical Logistics Center (TPLC), Map Ta Phut Distribution Center (MDC) I and II, Thai Automotive Supply Center (TASC) and Eastern Seaboard Distribution Center (EDC). On these platforms, Katoen Natie can offer (conditioned) warehouse and silo storage, all kind of unloading and loading operations and a wide range of value added and semi-industrial activities like (re)packaging, sieving, grinding, shredding, optical sorting, dedusting, demetalizing, pre-assembling, just-in-time/just-in sequence deliveries, etc.


Our ultimate long-term goal is to reduce our customer’s logistics cost, inventory levels and lead times and to improve their supply chain performance with the highest safety and quality standards.