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INVE (Thailand) Ltd.

79/1 Moo1 Nakhon Sawan-Phitsanulok Road
Nong Lum, Wachirabarami, Phichit 66220 Thailand


Tel: +66 (0) 2 960 0200, +66 (0) 56 609 800



Company Profile

INVE Aquaculture wants to be your preferred specialist and partner in the different production segments of sustainably grown aquaculture species. We therefore strive to create and provide high-tech, cost-effective nutrition and health tools. Being an aquaculture pioneer with European roots, we integrate the best of both practice and science. Through our strong local presence in the market, we are able to gain a profound insight in the ever-evolving needs of aquatic production practices worldwide. Combined with our passion for science, we aim to create unique and refreshing solutions that effectively support the farmer in realizing his blue-green ambition of mastering a profitable and ensured production of high quality seafood while respecting the consumer, the animal and the environment. The key to reaching these goals is further strengthening our partnerships with leading biotech institutes and private companies across the world, as well as with other prominent players in the complete aquaculture production chain, that way shapingaquaculturetogether.