Blue Elephant / Blue Spice : Towards a more sustainable growth

Blue Elephant has been a Thai Culinary Ambassador since 1980, throughout its Royal Thai Cuisine restaurants, cooking schools, and range of Thai premium products currently exported to 35 countries.
More than ever, this pandemic has stressed the importance of adaptability and resilience for companies to thrive. Unable to welcome her usually numerous guests in her restaurants, Chef Nooror focused her efforts in further developing the manufacturing arm of the Blue Elephant Group: the Blue Spice.

As Thai food steadily grows in popularity in the past years, this lockdown has offered more time and opportunities for people to cook at home, tremendously boosting the market of package foods in various categories. To support this striving activity, Blue Elephant invests in his manufacturing premises to not only grow bigger (increasing production capacity by 4) but also better as this downturn in the economy accompanies a change of consumers behaviors and needs, further valuing quality, authenticity, convenience, and safety. This is why Blue Spice, in addition to its international quality certifications, is now investing in a non-GMO certification, a more sustainable sourcing system, more eco-friendly packaging (saving more than 3 tons of plastic per year), and upgraded automation technology to rationalize production processes and respond to the actual rising demand without compromising the handmade production processes that make the added value of their premium products. 

Continuously improving their processes and formulas, Blue Elephant is now offering Vegan-friendly all-natural and 100% Thai curry pastes, a range of authentic all-natural curry sauces, Thai premium condiments, and seasonings, as well as handmade dipping and stir fry sauces. Following the opening of their new factory, Blue Elephant will now be able to put their expertise at the service of other companies with the R&D and production of lines for private labels.

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