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Soudal CEO Trends Manager of the year 2020
Dirk Coorevits (CEO Soudal) is Trends Manager of the Year
The readers of Trends and a jury have elected Dirk Coorevits, the CEO of Soudal, as Trends Manager of the Year 2020. The 61-year-old West Flemish thus cashes in on his third consecutive nomination.

Dirk began work at Soudal in 1982 as employee no 27 and has worked for Soudal for 38 years. He now runs a company with nearly 3,500 employees active in 140 countries and remains on the growth path, internally and externally, even in precarious corona times.

Soudal recently purchased the Arab family business Al Muqarram for 50 million euros, a very strategic deal, because it puts Soudal firmly on the map in the Middle East and taps into the East African region.

Earlier in his career, Coorevits helped lay the solid foundations for Soudal's geographic expansion, from which the company is now reaping the benefits. Coorevits excels in efficiency in managing that external growth, without neglecting organic growth. Finally, the jury also finds it important that, under Coorevits' leadership, Soudal does not budge even in difficult corona times, invests further in his own country and creates jobs.