How healthtech companies contribute to saving lives in Thailand during the pandemic 

Two Luxembourg companies have been supporting Thailand’s health sector for several years now. With an unprecedented demand for medical equipment, they’ve stepped up to the challenge.


The pandemic has taken the world by surprise and challenged industries across the board, including those, which operate in support of the healthcare and the medical industry.  

B Medical Systems and Rotarex, two companies from Luxembourg, have been successfully operating in Thailand for several years now.

Rotarex is a world leader in gas control products, systems and solutions. Its Meditec division specialises in the medical production of cylinder valves and medical gas distribution equipment installed in hospitals.

Since the inception of its operations in Thailand, Rotarex supplied a large number of private hospitals using high-end technologies and equipment. In Bangkok Rotarex has a dedicated sales office, attached to the company's subsidiary in Singapore, and markets all of the Rotarex group's products, particularly for the medical sector: the so-called VIPR valve, which features an integrated regulator, making it easier to use by limiting the number of individual components and facilitating their implementation.

In tandem with the surge of the pandemic, Rotarex substantially increased its production of medical valves and equipment in order to meet the pressing needs of medical facilities in Europe and in Asia-Pacific treating covid-19 infected patients in need of respiratory support.

Meanwhile in Thailand, Rotarex has witnessed a steady growth in its activities and is relying heavily on the latest innovations, particularly in connectivity and digitisation. The evolution of technologies now makes it possible to envisage the use of fully digital and cloud-connected systems, allowing optimal management of the equipment in these unprecedented times.    

For its part, B Medical Systems, manufactures and distributes refrigerated medical devices for storing samples sensitive to temperature variations (medicines, vaccines, blood bags, etc.). Commercial relations between the company and Thailand date back some thirty years now.

“Amid the pandemic, B Medical Systems became the first company worldwide in the industry of medical refrigeration and vaccine cold chain to obtain the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification.”  

Founded in 1979, the company was the first to develop a secure transport solution to support vaccination campaigns, thus becoming a pioneer in the vaccine cold chain. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and expand its product range: refrigerators, freezers, transport boxes and other devices that support hundreds of blood establishments, hospitals, clinical laboratories and other research institutes around the world.

In Thailand, B Medical Systems works closely with Gibthai and supplies 100% Luxembourg-made equipment and technology to hospitals, medical schools and blood establishments in both the north and south of the country. These mainly consist of medical refrigerators, plasma and ultra-low temperature freezers, transport boxes for vaccines and blood, as well as freezers for a better conservation of blood plasma.

The Thai Red Cross is a long-standing partner of the company, since it received the first cold chain equipment for the management of its blood products from Luxembourg in 1997. Today, it has five ultra-fast freezers in Bangkok and one in Phuket. In addition, 75 blood centres rely on the technology of B Medical Systems to ensure the safety of blood donations and transfusions.

In the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in 2004, the company delivered more than 200 units worth around €250,000 and was heavily involved in the humanitarian assistance programme set up to rehabilitate health centres. B Medical Systems also donated solar refrigerators to the Royal Thai Air Force. Powered by solar panels, these vaccine refrigerators are located in areas where the power grid is unstable or unavailable, and thereby help protect the most remote communities from infectious diseases.

"We have witnessed an increasing interest for our products in the ASEAN region," explains Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems. "In particular, for our latest innovation: the ultra-fast freezer, known as the CSF. This is a device designed to freeze blood plasma at a temperature below -30°C, with a new generation design that enables plasma bags to be frozen in record time and coagulation factors to be preserved.”

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