Member Focus

Theptex Thailand Co. Ltd.

Company Introduction – Product description:
mattress cores and pillows in 100% natural latex

Established (year): Established in 2014, production August 2015.

Number of Employees: currently 100 employees/workers.

Markets: mainly Asia: Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and a bit USA ... and starting to nibble at the EU market.

How has Covid 19 affected your business and how do you cope ?

Covid 19 has had and still has a severe adverse effect on the latex industry in Thailand. Currently, out of the 30 players in Thailand for latex cores and pillows only 2 are still actively manufacturing: Theptex and the Thai subsidiary of the biggest Chinese latex producer (all of their production goes to China).


The fact that Theptex has still been able to stay open is closely linked to the intentional policy of diversifying its sales activities in the region by actively calling upon prospects (pre-Covid visits), a sales force that is focussed on understanding the challenges and needs of the customers, a conservative policy in regard to payment terms (nothing leaves the factory unless it is paid) and it being the only entity that has been researching and developing new products in this industry (besides normal mattresses in mono zone or 7-zone also embossed mattresses, charcoal mattresses, heating and cooling mattresses with a patented production process). As it is also the only company in Thailand that has pursued an ‘organic certification’ through a CSR program educating certain plantations to grow organic; Theptex is generating international interest from very diverse big players such as the shoe industry, sofa industry, and even Swiss jewelry packaging industry that wants to present a sustainable image.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Theptex is part of the only ‘6 factories in the world’ producing 100% natural latex products (no use of SBR – styrene-butadiene rubber, a by-product from the petrochemical industry). It is most probable that the company will merge into a bigger entity that is keen on being able to also offer the natural qualities, renewability, recyclability, and biodegradability of pure natural latex.