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Automation & Robotics S.A. Thailand Rep.Office

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Automation & Robotics S.A. Thailand Rep.Office

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80/37 Krungtepkreetha Road Saphansung,
Saphansung, Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 184 9025-6

Representative :
Mr. Paul PITOT, Office Manager

Industry/Activities :
Inspection, inking, (finish) blocking, laser engraving, packaging and sorting of ophthalmic lenses.

Company profile :
Automation & Robotics (A&R) is a family-run company based in Belgium (Europe). Since 1983, A&R has developed a worldwide network : two subsidiaries (USA, China), offices (Thailand, Brazil) and agents (Japan, China, Korea, India, Latin America). In total, A&R employs about 125 skilled people, working hard to meets the needs of its customers.

A&R mission :
We design, manufacture, integrate, commercialize and maintain at the optimal productivity level machines and instruments dedicated to the ophthalmic industry.
Our Core Business is the positioning and inspection of ophthalmic lenses

Products :
(Semi-)automatic machines and instruments for the ophthalmic industry : mass production (finished and semi-finished), prescription and finishing labs.