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I&V Bio Centers in India and Indonesia

Following the 2013 establishment of our Artemia Nauplii Center in Thailand (founded by Frank Indigne and Luk Van Nieuwenhove), I&V BIO completed 2 more state of the art facilities in Kakinada, India and Lampung Indonesia. Both facilities are up and running.

We are also currently in the process of setting up more Artemia Nauplii Centers in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ecuador.

I&V BIO’s key to success is our guarantee to supply our customers with daily, fresh, clean, vibrio and EHP-free products.

I&V BIO invests a lot in quality assurance and protocols to guarantee CONSISTENCY in our products and services. We have successively passed the GMP Certification and HACCP Certification.

Our core purpose is to become market leader in fresh specialty feeds, diets and health products for the marine aquaculture industry “