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PDI invests in Renewable Energy

2017 PDI Nanao

Grand opening ceremony of PDI Nanao:

Mr. Francis Vanbellen, Managing Director of PDI with Mr. Zenji Yamada – The Local Village Chief


PDI Energy is a business group of PDI which focuses on providing energy from renewable energy sources including solar, wind and biomass.  Currently, PDI’s main emphasis is on solar energy with a solid plan to invest in solar farms in Thailand and overseas. The target reaches 150 MW in 3-5 years.

Investments in solar farm projects in Japan progress as expected. The first solar farm in Nanao (capacity 2.27MW) commissioned early October, 2016 and operates 10% above target.

The second farm in Nogata (capacity 10.5MW) is under construction to go life in Q3 2017, while the third solar farm in Ryohashiya (capacity installed 2.2MW) and the forth solar farm in Kazano (capacity 19.5MW) are under development due diligence, with targeted operations in Q4 2017 and 2018 respectively.


2017 PDI Nanao_2

PDI’s first solar farm Nanao” in Japan

In the meantime we are revitalizing our solar farm efforts in Thailand, with the acquisition of the solar farm of 6.6MW in Mae Ramat December 26th, 2016. The Mae Ramat solar farm has operated and sold electricity to the PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) since 2013 under a 25-year-PPA scheme.  It is under renovation to upgrade its performance during the coming months.

2017 PDI Solar

PDI’s Mae Ramat solar farm in Tak province, Thailand